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Beverly Weinstein

“The prodigal child has returned,” as they say! Beverly grew up on Oak Island, NC and even went to Southport High school, when there was a Southport High school … before it burnt down. Her mom and dad had built a house on the island back in the 60’s, literally a 5 minute walk from Island Healing Chiropractic Center where she holds her yoga classes. With them gone, she and her husband decided to do some remodeling on the beach house and make Oak Island their home.

A while ago, Beverly got involved in taking some yoga classes while still living in northern Virginia at East Meets West Yoga Center . Little did she know, “it was the passion that I had been searching for my entire life.” Knowing that she would be living down here on the coast, she chose to take her teacher training at the nationally recognized Wilmington Yoga Center from which she completed their 220-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program. She is currently working toward her 500-Hour certification.

“After taking many, many classes, I realized that there was a definite need for a more intuitive approach to working with seniors; being one myself!” Beverly felt that classes tended to be geared more toward the 70% of the yoga student population, ages 54 and younger; not seniors. With this in mind, she has actively pursued certifications in “Yoga for Seniors,” as well as “Restorative Yoga.” This has led her to name her Yoga practice, “Ageless Yoga”, which embraces the mind, body & spirit for all ages.

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